Posted on April 01st, 2011.

Trailer/teaser video voor: “Choppahead Presents: Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines Vol. 3″
Wij vinden ut gaaf! Dus gaan we Choppahead bij deze ook hier promoten!

Hieronder een stukje “in Their own words”

Son of Sam would say Choppahead is Choppahead.
Others would say that we’re a couple of jackassholes that build bikes.

Basically, Choppahead is a raw, low-down, grimy, greasy, dirtbaggy, unsavory clusterfuck of a shop that pulls off some pretty clean and class rides. We ride, and we build, back-to-basics old style chops and kustoms. We’re renowned for our classic Triumphs, but build American as well. Choppahead is also on the forefront of the new contemporary (2001+) Triumph chopper scene – offering the first production hardtail frame available for new Triumphs.

The company was founded in 2000 by Big Truth, and in 2001 Jay signed on as a partner. Truth and Jay had befriended 15 years ago through the Massachusetts hardcore/punk scene (both were in bands), and they both bring that punk rawk DIY ethic over into the chopper industry. Gritty, Loud, Fast, Dangerous, and DIY through and through!

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